Sunflower Community Art Garden

Founder, Candace Monaghan, is an artist by trade so for the 2021 festival she wanted to merge her love for art and sunflowers. What followed was a beautiful sunflower community art garden. Candace called on one of her long time vendors, RePrised Possessions, to help with the task of designing and cutting out wooden sunflowers for visitors to paint. Candace spent the summer of 2021 traveling around to local businesses, churches and community centers hosting paint nights to paint the flowers. Each artist was free to use their creativity to express themselves on the flower. Business used the opportunity to put their logos on display, children painted their favorite color or character and others painted freely. While each is beautiful and unique in their own way they all came together to create a community art garden at the sunflower festival that drew people in to photograph and find the one they painted.